Monday, October 22, 2007

Trading Songbirds For Junk Mail

My Auntie Carolyn sent me a quote that I've seen before but that I really love remembering:

"Live simply, so others can simply live"

How we live on this earth does have an effect on other people and nature around the world. When you think about rainforests being destroyed for beef and the boreal forest being clear cut for catalogs, it matters what we eat and the lifestyles we choose to live. Recycling is a good thing .... but eliminating the need to cut down forests is a better thing. When you get a catalog that you are not going to order from, take the time to call the toll-free number and ask them to take you off the mailing list.

Take the time to read ways you can reduce your junk mail and make a difference for the birds that rely on the boreal forest. Here's a site that tells you how you can eliminate your junk mail. Do something for the songbirds you enjoy! Getting Off Junk Mail Lists

Half of our North American Birds Need Boreal Forest for Breeding

We are Trading in Songbirds for Junk Mail.

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