Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Immune Prevention When Flying On An Airplane

We'll be leaving later this month for a convention which requires a flight to Florida. Flying puts you in a holding tank with a bunch of organisms that challenge the best of immune systems.

We always travel with Peppermint Oil which has properties to kill invaders before they enter your nose and mouth. We rub a drop under the nose and then take a drop in our mouths also. It's so refreshing with the stale smell of the airplane. I always eat more away from home than I do at home, so it's a good digestive aid too. When everybody orders coffee which I avoid, I ask for a cup of hot water and add peppermint oil to it. The aroma is uplifting and it sure helps that bloated and full tummy after a meal.

Essential oils are marvelous blessings from God from the plant kingdom. They possess a powerhouse of anti-microbial benefits in a small pocket-size bottle.

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