Saturday, October 20, 2007

Using Natural Remedies for Children and Teens

Children are by their very nature rambunctious and often throwing caution to the wind. However, as parents we often have to pick up the pieces after they have gotten sick, or injured themselves. Choosing to use herbs and nutritional supplements can often go against everything we have been taught. Our parents usually teach us to not take responsibility for our health problems as we are growing up. As we get older, we have our own children and follow the same pattern of reliance upon the medical profession.

At this point, we can keep this same mindset or we can choose to change because we know medicine only treats the symptom. We often learn this because we take our children back for the same problems repeatedly. Many people are deciding to try a different approach with their children in this generation of the "discovery" of the effectiveness of herbs and supplements in health care.

Prevention is the main issue. Poor nutrition can make our children more susceptible to sickness. Sugar, preservatives, colorings, white flour and dairy products all have the tendency to weaken the immune system. Dr. Teresa Allen, D.O. says, "Drinking the sugar from one soda renders the immune system inactive for over 6 hours." This is verified by blood work. Is it any wonder our children have weakened immune systems? Good nutrition can help keep the immune system functioning and able to fight off foreign invaders.

You can't always monitor what your children eat and with some family time schedules you can't always feed what you want to. That's where supplementation comes in. You can fill in with the nutrients they are missing. Basic supplementation should include a multi-vitamin formula with minerals. With the spread of so many viruses, it's now wise to support the immune systems of children.

Nature's Sunshine Herbasaurs has a great line of chewable products that children love. For teens and adults, Super Supplemental is one terrific formula with a lot of nutrition and whole foods added

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