Monday, October 29, 2007

Truly Healthy Dog Treats

If you're going to give a treat to your dog, make it a natural treat. Make it healthy! Empty calories are putting on a lot of weight in our pets, so let's make every morsel count for good.

Dogs love the taste of peanut butter and cheese and Antioxidant Health Bars have a lot of nutrition to go along with the taste. Check out the list of ingredients:

Stabilized Rice Bran
A whole food that has over 70 phytonutrients and adds significantly to the overall antioxidant value of each bar.

Flax Seed Meal and Oil
One of the richest sources of alpha-linoleic acid, one of the types of fatty acids in the omega-3 family, which are considered super-unsaturated fats. Also included is 10 I.U. of Vitamin E in each bar.

A whole food high in natural antioxidants. The cranberry is rich in flavonoids and vitamin C that help to strengthen the immune system. Additionally, this berry contains nutrients called proanthocyanidins, which also support a healthy immune system and contribute to a healthy urinary system.

Whole Food Antioxidants
The natural nutritional goodness of apples, carrots and spinach.

• Proudly made in the USA with all-natural, human-quality American ingredients.
• Contains no corn, wheat, wheat gluten, soy or soy gluten.
• No chemical preservatives, artificial colors or artificial flavors.
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