Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Are Bees Intelligent Planners?

While I was on retreat walking the SC gardens, there were plenty of bees. It was like seeing friends who had visited with us and moved on south. I wondered if any of them had been to our garden. I will have to study to find out if bees migrate to warmer weather. If anybody knows, leave a comment below so others will learn from your knowledge.

This information on the intelligence of bees thrills me because God is such a Master Creator and it's awesome to see the detail He used in the natural world. Makes me realize what detail there was in designing me!

From Creation Moments

Before we had detailed knowledge of the daily lives of many animals, it was easy for scientists to dismiss signs of animal intelligence as instinct. In the last couple of decades, animal intelligence has become a busy field of study.

Researchers are learning that animals can be just as intelligent as humans in their own area of specialization. In one experiment, researchers moved a supply of sugar water 25% further away from a beehive each day. The bees quickly figured out what was going on and started anticipating where the sugar water would be the next day.

In another experiment, researchers placed sugar water on a boat that was anchored in the middle of a small lake. When scouts returned to the hive to report their find, other bees refused to go with them, knowing that bees don't find food in the middle of a lake. Scientists have concluded that bees think events through to see if they make sense.

Reference: Do bees plan ahead intelligently? Science News, v.124, Apr. 23, 1983. p. 271.

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