Friday, December 21, 2007

Keep The Flu Bug Away

We use essential oils to disinfect our home and office environment. No flu shot protects against all strains of the flu because there are new strains every year. As of now, there are no medical treatments for viral infection that are completely effective. We need to keep our immune systems strong during the year, since an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.

There are many essential oils that benefit the immune system. You can diffuse the oils daily in a room or on a desktop at work. There are little "crock pots" for essential oils that heat the water and allow the oils to vaporize. Inhaling them will give added benefit.

You can also blend a few drops of an essential oil with a bit of massage oil (or olive oil) and rub it into the skin. Massage onto chest in the morning and at bedtime.

A plug-in AromaBall is an easy way to sanitize an entire room, especially while you sleep.

You can also use a small spritzer bottle and mix the essential oil with water. Shake it before using each time. Spray it around your house or around yourself at work to "disinfect" the area without using drugs or chemicals.

By the way, essential oils are great for cleaning. I use them with Sunshine Concentrate to replace all my household cleaners. You avoid breathing the chemicals into the lungs and also avoid skin contact with the cleaners. These dangerous chemicals are contaminating water supplies.

Here's my favorite essential oils to keep germs and viruses from surviving in our home:

Cinnamon, Lemon, Pine, Rosemary, Tea Tree, and Thyme.

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