Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Holiday Do's and Don'ts For Pets

Holiday Do's

Make New Year's Day the time to replace batteries in smoke detectors. This keeps the safety of the home in mind and avoids alarming your pets when the low battery alert goes off.

Do gift wrapping on a table where your pets cannot get to the string, paper and ribbons that can cause intestinal blockages.

Make sure you leave plenty of water for your pet since things get busy during this time of year. Switch to a larger bowl if you need to.

Post your vet's and the local emergency vet's phone number in an obvious location so anybody visiting would have easy access to it.

Holiday Don'ts

Don't allow your holiday guests to feed your companion animals human food, as this can result in diarrhea, vomiting and illness.

Some holiday plants are toxic to cats and dogs. Don’t keep holly, poinsettias, lilies or mistletoe where pets have easy access to them.

Don't leave extension cords exposed since they may resemble chew toys and seriously injure your dog.

If you decorate with tinsel, be sure to place it out of reach of pets. If swallowed it can cause intestinal distress.

Live Christmas Tree Don'ts

Don't let pine needles lay on the floor since they can perforate the intestinal lining if eaten.

Don't leave Christmas tree lights on while you are not at home. This is a safety hazard.

Don’t let your pets drink water from the tree reservoir. It is stagnant and contains harmful chemicals and bacteria.

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