Sunday, December 30, 2007

Essential Oil Tips and Facts

• There are over 400,000 different plants on earth. Only a little over 400 of them produce a pure essential oil.

Aloe Vera Gel deepens penetration of essential oils into muscles, joints and tissues

• Inhale the oils directly from the bottle for properties its known for such as mood or congestion.

• Cinnamon essential oil helps a home to sell quicker.

• Peppermint helps people to adapt to new ideas.

AromaBall is an easy and low-cost way to control germs and microbes in your home.

• Avoid applying essential oils immediately after perspiring or using a sauna.

• Do not get essential oils in your eyes.

• All essential oils are antioxidants.

• Keep essential oils away from children.

• Take a tip from your nose - if you don't like the smell don't use it for emotional benefits.

• Essential oils should be diluted before using topically (with exception for lavender and tea tree). Massage oil, aloe vera gel, or olive oil can be used.

• Keep essential oils away from heat, light, dampness and electromagnetic frequencies (TV or microwave).

• Do a "patch test" if you are sensitive to things on your skin.

• Avoid strong sunlight or tanning beds after applying essential oils.

• Clary Sage and Bergamot essential oils help in withdrawing from smoking, alcohol and eating addictions.

• 100 pounds of lavender flowers are used to make 1 pound of the essential oil.

• Use Lavender essential oil in a spritzer bottle to spray on sheets and blankets at bedtime for a deeper relaxing sleep. It also repels insects.

• Frankincense decreases allergic reactions within seconds.

• Essential oils are great for disinfectants for natural, non-chemical household cleaners. Used with Sunshine Concentrate you can eliminate your chemical cleaning supplies.

• Cinnamon, Frankincense, and Myrrh are considered to be powerful anti-cancer and anti-tumor essential oils.

• Research shows Cinnamon and Peppermint essential oils increase alertness. Great travel companions.

• Lavender Essential Oil shows results for migraines and to reduce itching on bug bites.

• Essential oils can renew dying cells.

• Cellu-tone helps lymphatic congestion.

• Essential oils reach the limbic system in less than 1 second via inhalation and within 1-3 seconds with skin application.

• All citrus essential oils make skin photosensitive.

• Thyme, Clove and Lemon essential oils were used as hospital disinfectants before World War I.

• For effectiveness and the results you want, use 100% pure quality essential oils.

My choice is Nature's Sunshine essential oils.

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