Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Cat's View Of A Christmas Tree

"Mom" has bought me a huge, fresh-smelling, scratching post with many shiny dangling toys. There are lots of levels of "shelves" ideal for napping or hiding, depending on my energy level.

At night, I am intrigued by flashing fireflies that flit all over it and I must chase them. I am the hunter and protector of the household! At the bottom are all these boxes I can also hide behind - some with ribbons and strings I can bat with my paw or chew.

The rest of this story and article include good tips for keeping the cat out of the tree.

One solution that is not mentioned is to use citrus peels around the tree base. Cats hate the smell of citrus and may avoid the area entirely. As you eat oranges throughout the season continue to replace old ones with fresh ones. The essential oils (smell) in the orange do evaporate over time.

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