Thursday, December 27, 2007

Take The Rescue - It Is God

by Donna L. Watkins

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One of my translations of I John 4:18 is quoted as "Fear is crippling." Sometimes a light bulb comes on and you can see what is THE WORD and what is not! We get so used to operating in our comfort zones that we can't see the immense treasure of life that God has for us if we let go of some comfort zones.

I've always had tons of self-created responsibilities. I designed my life that way. I took on projects and programs and tasks and filled my schedule full. Yet I felt it was the people around me that forced my schedule to be full. I couldn't see life running any slower. God eventually showed me that I created all these tasks so that I wouldn't have to think about things. God wanted to heal my mind and body, but I was too busy to allow Him to.

I was so inflexible and wanted to do life my way. Isn't it interesting that my body became inflexible also as the rheumatoid arthritis ate my joints, especially in my fingers. Our hands do most of our busy work, don't they?

Our prayers for healing will open our minds to the iniquities that keep us trapped! God has already healed us, but we need to unlock the body to allow it to flow through and appear on the physical realm. I've been so disobedient and stubborn. Only wanting it my way. And not being willing to be open to any other opinion.

I prayed and asked God to rescue me from these diseases, and God sent a boat and I said, "You know I'll drown in the storm if I go into that realm. It's not me. This boat is not from You, God."

He sent a plane that I could safely walk into and fly away from these conditions, but I said, "If God wanted us to fly, He would've given us wings."

So He sent a helicopter with a harness to lift me out of my world and carry me away to safety and I said, "God doesn't want us to do things that seem crazy to us! Like bungee jumping, hanging on a rope while while being whisked through open skies, this idea is definitely crazy. That's not You speaking."

I've just had everything neatly lined up the way I wanted it to happen ... but guess what!? It doesn't always go the way we plan, does it? I've quoted and believed and rested in the healing Word, but sometimes our own sin blocks our prayers and God uses the circumstances for so much good in our lives, as He gently nudges us towards understanding and obedience.

When we take control of our lives, it's hard to break lose from our OWN WAY to know when God is telling us THE WAY to see results from our prayers.

God wanted to get me to a place where I would say, "Okay, Lord. I give up! It's all about YOU and not ME!" I am willing to do what seems crazy. One of those rescues He sent my way was for me to quit working. I had a zillion reasons why that could not be God. Well, at least 101. Now more than 3 months later, God has shown me so many things I am speechless about much of it. He is faithful and my letting go of my own fears of the unknown has given me great peace and joy on a level that I've never known.

All those years of having it my way now look like such a wasteland behind me. As productive as I was on tasks and accomplishments, I realize that staying in comfort zones doesn't take away any fears, they only allow them to build deeper and deeper roots and strongholds.

I should've been fearful of what my disobedience and rebellion was bringing into my own life and the lives of those around me. The choices we make affect our offspring. There's a spiritual realm to all of that but as a mother it's a motivating factor to keep on letting God have His way!

I don't claim to get it right every time, but the more I let go, the more I can hear God's voice more clearly and that's an exciting future to think about. What are you holding on to? Is God giving you a way of escape? Take one of the rescues God sends your way. Don't waste away in the wasteland when you can have the Garden of Eden.

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