Sunday, June 15, 2008

Being A Terrific Person

From Attracting Terrific People - How to find and keep the people who bring your life joy - by Lillian Glass, Ph.D.

This woman wrote a book entitled, Toxic People. I haven't read that book, but this is a follow-up to it. Looking back on my days of work in corporate America, I recall many toxic people.

Just being around toxic people can put you into a bad mood, while being around terrific people can make you feel great. This is especially true for those who are highly influenced by others because they tend to mirror the body language, verbal expressions and attitudes of the people around them.

You can begin to look for terrific people as you shop, walk, attend social engagements, work, or in your daily routines. It's much easier to see them if you begin to apply some traits of terrific people into your own life. The book has these 20 traits and types of terrific people for us to work on. Quite the challenge ... but then isn't it fun getting to recreate a better you? We should never be satisfied with 'status quo,' but don't beat yourself up trying to be perfect either. Enjoy who you are and always work at improving is my motto.

1. Feel-Gooders
Terrific people always bring out the best in others. They make them feel good and as though they matter, through their caring and kind words.

2. You, You, and You Anti-Narcissists
Terrific people are more concerned about being "interested" than being "interesting."

3. Generous Givers
Terrific people are consistently generous in actions and words and are always willing to go out of their way to help others.

4. Non-Judgers
Terrific people are open-minded and flexible.

5. Good Mouthers
Terrific people never bad-mouth others.

6. Self-Respecters
Terrific people genuinely like and respect themselves.

7. Class Acts
Terrific people remember the little things that count when it comes to relationships.

8. Honest Abes
Terrific people are honest and straightforward.

9. Lightened-Ups
Terrific people never take themselves too seriously.

10. Cheerleaders
Terrific people are your main supporters - and your cheerleaders.

11. Completely Conscious
Terrific people think of other people's feelings first and know exactly what to say in good times and in bad.

12. Keep-On-Goers
Terrific people recover from rejection more quickly and keep on going.

13. Emotionators
Terrific people allow themselves to be uninhibited, open and vulnerable.

14. Win-Winners
Terrific people are win-win oriented.

15. Loyalists
Terrific people are loyal and compassionate.

16. Immediate Doers
Terrific people earn a lot of respect from others because they are responsible, get things done immediately, and respect other people's time.

17. Calculated Risk Takers
Terrific people are not afraid to jump in and take calculated risks in order to pursue their dreams.

18. Non-Victims
Terrific people know their strengths and weaknesses and take full responsibility for their actions.

19. Life Livers
Terrific people never rest on their laurels. They continue to seek out their passions.

20. Enlisters
Terrific people enroll people who can help them reach their goals - and reward them accordingly.

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