Friday, June 20, 2008

Bird Facts

In the South, Eastern Towhees may produce three broods in one breeding season.

Purple Finches are chunkier than House Finches, and the males are a deeper, raspberry red.

Finches prefer to eat from hanging or post feeders located at about eye level.

The Northern Mockingbird has been known to change its tune as many as 310 times in 15 minutes, interspersing 114 notes and phrases of 29 other birds.

About 30 different North American bird species will nest in birdhouses.

Native Americans thought Roadrunners had special powers because their toes form an "x" print. Male and female Roadrunners make purring noises.

Chickadees obtain 75% of their food from the wild, even if bird feeders are available.

Black-capped Chickadees nest in tree cavities, but may use a birdhouse located in a small tree thicket.

Adult Rose-breasted Grosbeaks share nesting duties, including incubating eggs and feeding young.

Source: Various issues of Birds and Blooms magazine.

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