Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Killing Weeds Without Poisons

We have an area near a rain spout that seems to grow every kind of weed that we do not want. Even though I consider weeds wildflowers, this area is right by the pedestrian door of the garage and near a bed of low-growing sedum which I do not want "buried" amidst the weeds.

We preferred not to have anything growing in this area but the rain spout seems to dump every seed there that has blown into the gutters and with the moist ground, they take root quickly.

The solution we chose was to use salt in this small patch of ground. It worked. There hasn't been anything growing there for two years, but this year a few things are taking root, so I will again spread some salt in that small patch.

Since my last application lasted two years, it's sure a simple approach to keeping an area clear. I do mean clear. The salt doesn't allow anything to grow so don't use it if it will wash into an area you want to grow things. After all, there is the Dead Sea, in which nothing grows or lives? Makes sense.

This is a great way to keep weeds from growing between pavers and stones. I imagine it would also kill moss which is a common problem on pavers.


OmaKat55 said...

I never thought of anything like salt before, but this is going to be great, because salt is so inexpensive. My area by the drain pipe is the same way, except my areas are rock covered. There's a chance of rain tomorrow night, I'll wait until the next dry period to pour some on.

sharingsunshine said...

Good not to let it wash away, but it does need to be "watered in" which a rain can handle if it's level ground. When we do some areas of the gravel driveway that tends to get things growing in it, we just sprinkle and let the next rain handle it.

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