Sunday, June 8, 2008

Get Rid of the Hounder

by Donna L. Watkins
Originally Published in A Healing Moment

Have you ever had somebody "hound" you to do something? Relentless nagging that just drains you and makes you want to do nothing at all!? There's a Scripture that describes this in Proverbs 19:13 which says nagging is like a continual dropping.

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Think of that literally. The word in Hebrew means "dripping." How would you feel if you were standing in a place where water dropped on your head continually? It wouldn't take too long to feel totally unfocused and everything you did would be affected by this dripping. When somebody is nagging us in life, it affects our entire day because we keep hearing the message long after they have gone their way.

The devil is a "dripper" in your life. He comes to you while you are awake or asleep and continually drips evil tidings on your soul. He speaks things into your ear day and night and if you don't take those thoughts captive (2 Corinthians 10:5) you begin to believe them ... and then you begin to make decisions based on them ... and then you build your life around those lies and eventually you call them truth.

You have got to get rid of that hounder! There is no joy in life if you are seeing it through the lies of the devil.

I have had a challenge with being driven since I was young. Always had several jobs and even when my health failed, I would plow on in pain and allow the devil to torture me with thoughts of "not enough" no matter what I accomplished.

God is always there for you and wants you to be free of strongholds. If you are willing to ask and willing to change, He will meet you. Jesus died so you could be free. Only you can allow yourself to remained chained.

I asked God where the drivenness came from many years ago and found it might have been from listening to my Dad call my Mom lazy on many occasions. I found out very late in life that she had some health problems that caused great fatigue but she was not a complainer and didn't go to doctors so my Dad probably never knew about them.

Those words he directed at her dug a ditch in my mind to not be lazy if I wanted the approval of my Father (which every child does). As with most strongholds, they are twisted. My Dad actually told me throughout my adult life to slow down or I would burn myself up. You would think when my Daddy died, that I would be free of that drive at last, but it took root into how I viewed my Heavenly Father ... and I continued being driven to please Him without even knowing it.

When you agree with the devil that life is normal with its continual dripping on you all day long .... your body and mind takes up the task of dripping on yourself, and physiologically your body begins attacking itself and you have autoimmune disorders. Why are there so many diseases now being considered autoimmune? I think our mind follows our beliefs and that puts our immune system into hyper-alert. We can no longer find peace in this world that runs at super speed 24 hours a day.

We listen to those messages of "your don't measure up," "you're not getting enough done," "your life is so disorganized and is falling apart," and "you should be doing more." Those kinds of messages are arrows from the devil. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus.

Did you accept salvation just to get into Heaven? Why not take all the benefits that came with the gift? Take that freedom available to you. The peace and joy too!

I've had to cover that old belief system with a lot of my own verbal assaults to take those thoughts captive and replace them with the Truth of God's love. To allow myself to be ME - the person that God created to BE, not only to DO. God is more interested in us becoming Christ-like than He is in us doing things for Christ. We are here to worship and fellowship with our Creator and Father.

Don't let the Hounder keep you from your first purpose in life - to be more like Him and to make each day a day of being with the Lord. Begin talking to yourself! Speak back to those thoughts. Grab a statement or Scripture that you can stand on and fire away. Remember how the lepers had to go about saying, "Unclean! Unclean!? Go about saying, "Untrue! Untrue!" when your thoughts do not match up with the Word of God.

You will find joy replacing anxiety and mental torment. You'll even find yourself sleeping well!

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