Monday, June 23, 2008

What Fascinates Your Pets?

What do dogs think about?

We've been pondering that question lately. Of course, the obvious answer is that they think about food, play, and their responsibility to sniff everything in sight.

But lately we've been noticing a certain fascination, might we call it - obsession - that our dog Leaf has with ducks. Being a cocker spaniel, he has a strong chase instinct. Oddly enough, he doesn't always strain at the leash and try to run after the ducks. Instead, he sits by the side of the lake and stares at them with wonderment.

The other day he registered shock on his face when the ducks he was observing "ducked" down under the water and became invisible for an entire minute. He kept looking over his shoulder at us as if to ask, "Where did they go?"

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