Saturday, June 28, 2008

Where NOT To Shop

The Responsible Shopper website helps you to avoid the worst places to shop if you care about social justice and the planet environment. It's like the flip side to the popular that helps you find the best companies to reward with your business.

They comb through reports from the news media, the government (from the EPA to the FDA), and their environmental and social justice nonprofit allies to compile comprehensive data on some of the largest corporations in America. Then, they put it together in an easily searchable website, so you can make informed purchasing decisions on everything from cosmetics to groceries to clothing and much more.

Through Responsible Shopper's “Go Green” feature, they also link you to strategies for shifting your purchasing and investing to more responsible options. The site provides you with the real story about abuses by well-known companies, gives you actions to promote corporate responsibility, and helps you green your life and world.

Visit Responsible Shopper.
Visit Green Pages.

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