Monday, September 22, 2008

Choose Your Rescue Pet Online

There are many people out there like me who just can't step foot into an animal shelter unless it is a no-kill shelter. Many parents don't want to take their children to a shelter either because they'll want to bring every animal home.

The last place you want to buy a pet is from a pet store since they generally get their dogs from puppy mills. There are many horror stories on the health issues experienced from pet store animals. is a great way to adopt a homeless pet without the emotional trauma of visiting the shelter. represents 32,000 animals in more than 1,800 shelters and rescue groups around the country. The site helps facilitate over half a million adoptions a year. And these numbers are growing.

Their easy search tool can show you in seconds all the pets meeting your specifications in your local area. It will search on specifics provided as to the kind of animal you are looking for (cat, dog, horse, etc.), the breed (you can put in mix), the age, size, gender, your zip code and the range you're willing to consider.

Take a peek at now.

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