Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Era For Stevia

Coca-Cola and Cargill launched their jointly-developed brand of stevia. Now that a big, powerful corporation is backing it, the FDA will no doubt give it GRAS approval in no time... and that means a new era of stevia-enhanced foods and beverages may be upon us. Finally, a natural alternative sweetener! Stevia contains powerful antioxidants, by the way. So instead of giving you cancer (like chemical sweeteners do), this natural sweetener can actually prevent free radical damage! Read entire article.

Stevia is a natural sweetener emerging into U.S. consumer consciousness. It is extracted from the stevia herb, native to the South American rain forest. Its leaf tastes like honeysuckle.

In the race to put an all-natural, zero-calorie soft drink on the market, Zevia, a Seattle-based company, has beaten the beverage giants. Zevia, which comes in four flavors, is sweetened with stevia. Read this entire article also.

I still think phosphoric acid isn't a good thing for health, but this is exciting health news considering the research of the artificial sweetener dangers and weight-gaining link to diet sodas. We gave up sodas in the early 80's but there are many still drinking, so good alternatives to the health dangers are great. Stevia sweetener in packets.

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