Saturday, September 27, 2008

Huntsville Botanical Garden and Butterfly House

While on a quick 4-day trip to Alabama and back to Virginia over Labor Day weekend, we stopped at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens and Butterfly House

Nature centers and botanical gardens ... I can't pass them up!  I love living things and find such delight in exploring God's Creation.

© 2008 Donna L. Watkins - Queen Butterfly          
It was magnificent with many different types of gardens, gazebos, and even an enchanted forest. 

Early September in Alabama still provides many blooms, but they even added to the entertainment with a Scarecrow Trail exhibit throughout the garden paths. Local businesses, organizations and even individuals had made incredibly creative scarecrows. We'd never seen anything like it. There must've been a hundred of them. I took photos of what I considered to be the best.

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