Monday, September 22, 2008

Truths About The FDA

Book by Byron Richards:
Fight For Your Health, Exposing The FDA's Betrayal of America

The FDA is supposed to be an agency that serves to protect the American public, but that is not happening. This book includes:

• Why food companies are using consumers as guinea pigs with unsafe chemical additives

• How the pharmaceutical industry targets children for mass medication campaigns to increase profits

• The fraud behind the global fluoride programs

• How Americans are being poisoned in the public water supplies with toxic chemicals

• The plan to outlaw nutritional supplements which will create more health problems which will generate more profits for drug companies

• The truth about statin, Alzheimer and osteoporosis drugs

..... and so much more.

If you've read enough in the field of natural health, like me, this is not new information, but getting so much with one resource is a great way to access information that you can share with friends and family.

Fight For Your Health, Exposing The FDA's Betrayal of America.

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