Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dog Scratching And Biting

On July 4th, I went with my Mom to one of her friend's houses for a cookout, and to watch the fireworks etc. I got to talking with one of her friends that was there, Debbie, who has a little dog with severe allergies, skin problems, itching etc. Apparently, this poor little guy has been on several different medications, and nothing has helped him. Debbie was telling me about how he has been biting himself so much that he actually has numerous bald spots, his feet are completely bald from the biting and scratching, and it even got to the point of bleeding.

I asked her what kind of food she was feeding him, and she said Science Diet. So, I told her what all I went through with Murphy, and explained how it was the corn in the food that he was allergic to. I told her what a difference natural human food-grade pet food has made - going from 3 times a week vet visits, to once a year for his check-up! I advised her to give the food a try and see if it made a difference.

I'm not sure how long it was before she ordered a bag of the food, but my Mom called me a couple of weeks ago to tell me that the dog had been on it for about 3 days, and had completely stopped biting and scratching himself. Debbie said that his skin looked like it wasn't inflamed, and that she was just amazed at the difference in such a short amount of time!

... another dog saved! I just had to pass the story along. -- Alicia

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Anonymous said...

Yes, we had this same thing happen to our beloved Tanya. We switched to Nutro, which came with a guarantee that it would heal her or our money would be refunded. It saved her life! Just like they are changing our food, our animals food is being deprived of nutrition.

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