Monday, September 8, 2008

Ads Don't List Side Effects

Drug companies are now running ads that don't even mention their drugs by name! This clever loophole allows them to avoid mentioning drug side effects in the ads.

If you don't name a drug in the television ad, you don't have to name the side effects either. Focus is now on talking about a health condition and then sending people to the website for the drug information. Read entire article. There's a lot more information in the comments.

New study shows that 94% of marketing claims made by pharmaceutical companies have no basis in fact ... read more.

211 professors from U.S. medical schools have endorsed a statement calling for an end to direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising. Prescription drug advertising pressures health professionals to prescribe particular medications, and often ones that may be less effective, more expensive and dangerous. This intrudes in the relationship between medical professionals and patients. Read more about a campaign to Stop Drug Ads at

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