Monday, September 29, 2008

Produce PLU's Decoded

Those sticky labels on your produce provide helpful information about what you're about to eat. Whether it's organic, genetically modified or has lots of pesticides.

The system is quite simple with a 4 or 5-digit number PLU number.

If it's not a 5-digit number beginning with a 9, it's not organic. If it is then the food has been grown to the standards set by the National Organic Standards Board.

All 4-digit codes are conventionally raised food, which means it's contaminated with pesticides and fertilizers that produce terribly depleted soils devoid of nutrients.

If it's a 5-digit number beginning with an 8, it's a genetically modified food (GMO) grown with conventional poisons in depleted soil from frankenseeds, which contain genes not grown by nature. More info on frankenseeds.

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