Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Algae That Can See

From Creation Moments

Green algae are classified as plants. And strangely enough, there are algae that can swim and see. To their surprise, scientists have discovered that several species of marine and freshwater algae have eyespots. Each has a patch of membrane that has about 100,000 pigment molecules. As the algae swim, they react to objects in the water very differently than algae that don't have vision. The researchers' greatest surprise came when they discovered that the chemical pigment responsible for algae vision is the same chemical that makes our vision work.

There is an interesting sidebar to this story. The pigment, called rhodopsin, is surprisingly similar to that in cows, in man and in the algae that can see. Researchers were surprised to find that this same chemical that makes our vision possible is also used by such a supposedly "simple" creature. This is not at all what their evolutionary theories would lead them to expect.

Our Creator is wise. When He wanted to give the ability to see to His creatures, He used the same basic principle whether He was making algae, cows, or humans. The fact that He did not use a simpler method to make so-called "simpler" creatures see is yet another way in which His handiwork witnesses against evolution. Listen to the audio version of this.

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