Monday, November 5, 2007

Keep Produce Longer In The Refrigerator

You can lengthen the shelf life of your dairy, meat and produce with the OzoneFresh Refrigerator Purification Device.

This unit uses nature’s own system for guaranteed freshness - ozone. Ozone is a bluish, water-soluble gas that has a distinctive, clean smell. It is created naturally in the atmosphere by ultra-violet rays, but it can also be created safely and efficiently with an ozone generator.

A friend just emailed me about the one she has in her refrigerator:

"We just replaced the batteries in our refrigerator ozone machine. Now that's a real bargain for batteries to last that long! It's been 2-3 years. I sure have appreciated how fresh it keeps our fridge! I love opening it and smelling that smell that reminds me of a fresh rain storm and the fruits and veggies lasting longer is the biggest bonus of all for such a low price."

More info on OzoneFresh.

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