Friday, November 30, 2007

Six Weeks Till Costa Rica

In six weeks I'll be in Costa Rica. As the time has inched toward that day, I've been reading books on natural areas of Costa Rica that I would like to visit and I've been studying Spanish. The more I know before I go, the further I'll get in my Spanish classes. I'm not sure why I'm taking Spanish classes. But that's the essence of this entire trip.

My neighbor will be flying out with me and will be spending 4 weeks at the Costa Rica Language Academy. Our classes will be Monday through Thursday. I'll need the other 3 days of the week to absorb the 4 days of class material and practice it. Class is 9 to 2 with a one-hour lunch break. That's 16 hours a week of class. The class size averages 3-4 students, so they will keep me moving so I'm continually learning.

After that we'll have 2 hours of Latin dance classes. As if all the walking I'll be doing won't be enough exercise. I'm expecting a lot out of this body and these joints, and ya know what!? I think it will respond positively since I have loved Latin music for many years and I have a background in dance that's been buried away since Randal is not a dancer (not considered a loss since he's got so many other grand qualities).

For the first time in my life I will be doing a homestay, which means living with a family. It's included in the price of the school, along with two meals a day and laundry service. I've been informed that vegetarian meals won't be a problem. The school provides all the coffee (yuk) and fruit (yea) you want while at class, so my lunch is taken care of also. My favorite food is fruit and especially tropical ones.

Buses will be my mode of transportation from home to school. When in Costa Rica, live as the Ticos do (what Costa Ricans call themselves). Bus fare is a quarter. It will feel like I'll be going back in time. I used public buses to attend grades 8-12. Maybe if I close my eyes I can imagine myself at that age and my body will begin to agree with me.

I don't have a clue where I will be for the other 4 weeks but I am hoping to spend it in the rainforest. To me that is Heaven on earth. I love forests since I haven't been able to be a sun person since 1976 when I found out I had vitiligo. Fortunately I'm so fair-skinned it's not very noticeable, but if I tanned it would be, so I avoid the sun for several reasons. The density and diversity of a rainforest just thrills my heart. The Garden of Eve must've been a rainforest.

My typical way to plan a trip is to have every detail on paper, time schedules and reservations booked and activities planned. This whole trip has come about in strange ways, so I guess the rest of it is going to be the same. Every time I think about booking something beyond the school, I get that "nah" feeling, ya know! Gut reaction, whatever you want to call it. I just know that it's not time yet. Makes me wonder what surprises lie ahead. That's not the kind of surprises I enjoy. It's so much better when you get can all your ducks in a row to waddle with, but ....

I think it's another one of those "trust me classes" that God enjoys tossing my way. I've not even taken a seat in most of those classes, but I think it's time. After all, it is said that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. Since I've chosen to simplify life and buckle down to get over this rheumatoid arthritis that wants to control my body, I figure I need some education in trust since I'm way behind.

I've never packed for 9 weeks before and with the hot and cold climate in Costa Rica it will be a real challenge to get it all in one bag that I can manage alone. My handsome hunk will not be there to fuss over me and not let me carry anything.

There's a lot of fears I could list for this trip - they all fall under the category of "unknowns." I like having control over my environment ... don't you? There are too many unknowns beginning with the language, but one by one I'll get through them.

I hope I can keep that attitude as I walk through this adventure. I'll just pretend you are walking with me and encouraging me all the way.

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