Friday, November 30, 2007

Reuse Paper For Holidays

Trees have it rough this time of year. Not only are they cut down to decorate for Christmas, it's also the prime time for paper use: Christmas cards and wrapping paper. Here's some green tips for cutting down on your contribution to a sea of crumpled red and green.

1. Make home-made cards from cereal boxes and decorate with collages from catalogs that you haven't yet called to have them stop sending.

2. Wrap gifts in newspaper and grocery bags. Dress them up with raffia or some real mistletoe, holly or evergreen clippings.

3. Use real dishes for your holiday events and cloth napkins. You'll impress your friends and family and have some good memories from gathering around the kitchen sink to clean up. Some of my fondest holiday memories are from the kitchen clean-up time.

4. Save wrapping paper and gift bags when you get gifts and reuse it.

5. Make postcards out of the front of greeting cards received.

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