Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lost Joy

by Donna L. Watkins

The enemy can't take away your salvation, but he sure can steal your joy. He'll deceive you into thinking you are worthless by telling you to focus on what everybody else thinks. You can't listen to the advertising or look at magazines without thinking you are missing something.

It seems somebody always has expectations that we can't meet and that will always be. You have to learn to listen to what God says about you and what He says you are to do. Comparing yourself to others and conforming to expectations that you are not called to do will rob you of the joy of living.

Galations 6:4 says, "Do your own work well ... don't compare yourself to others."

God made you just like He wanted you to do what He had planned for you to do. Don't waste your time looking at everybody else's plan thinking yours is not good enough.

Don't ask the Potter why He made you the way He did. You'll probably never open up to the answer. Our human and finite vision doesn't allow things to make sense. We can only know in the spirit realm that we are as we are to be and seek His face for what we are to be doing.

Instead of trying to be somebody else, ignore the comparisons and move on to be who you are! There is great joy in falling in love with yourself. God loves you ... why shouldn't you love what God made?

Walk the path that God has before you and stop looking over the fence at the "seemingly" greener pasture. If you go there and look down instead of across at it, there are plenty of brown patches just like there is in your own backyard.

Enjoy the one you're with! YOU!

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