Friday, November 9, 2007

Coping with Pet Loss

I've had to let go of six animals that were family to me. I've always loved animals and when you care for one as a pet (in the manner pets should be cared for), there's a bond that forms.

If you're having to consider letting go of your pet at the vet's office or if your pet has died at home, the great loss that follows is sometimes more than you imagined.

These may be some of your questions:

1. Am I crazy to hurt so much?
2. What can I expect to feel?
3. What can I do about my feelings?
4. Who can I talk to?
5. When is the right time to euthanize a pet?
6. Should I stay during euthanasia?
7. What do I do next?
8. What should I tell my children?
9. Will my other pets grieve?
10. Should I get a new pet right away?

The website will answers these and many more.

If you're wondering if pets go to heaven, this article, Sharing The Good News That All Animals Go To Heaven will help to assure you now. The author has written a book that's been of comfort to me and others I've shared it with.

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