Sunday, January 18, 2009

Can Cancer Go Away On Its Own?

by Susan Morse, formerly with the Washington Post, writes about health and consumer issues at AARP.

In our zeal to fight cancer early, are we treating some tumors that might simply vanish? It’s possible, according to a study of some 200,000 Norwegian women.

Researchers in Oslo and at the Dart­mouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice in Han­over, N.H., compared breast cancer rates in two groups of women. One group had three mammograms over six years; the other had one. All the women were matched in age and reproductive history, so tumor rates in each group were expected to even out at the study’s end. But the rate in the women who had one screen was 22 percent lower, leading researchers to speculate that some cancers had disappeared before they could be detected.

The findings, reported in the Nov. 24 Archives of Internal Medicine, are controversial and require more study, say some cancer experts.


Anonymous said...

Yes, if highly-sensitive human breast tissue is left undisturbed by either unnatural compression or so called 'low dose' radiation, any wayward cell development can resolve on its own, especially if the woman is also educated to guard against such devolution by changing dietary choices as well as with use of targeted (for breast health) supplementation. Via PubMed research, the so called 'preventative' diagnostic of Mammogram has been found to incite sudden discovery via self-exam of a first-ever as little as one month 'following' such diagnostic. This is not-a-coincidence as allopathic medicine via this absurd and repeated (over a lifetime) standard is often THE cause of new reality of angiogenesis, especially in the denser breast tissue of women in their 40's. And then there's the biopsy which does its invasive harm and far too often these days, the mastectomy, the chemotherapy and/or the radiation which, altogether, add further assault to the human body. Believe me, as a 62 year old woman who has assumed self-care responsibility, she has not allowed a Mammogram in 17 years since there is a far saner, safer and humane way to remain well. In my opinion, the Mammogram Industry is no-way about prevention and disingenuously is a 'cash cow' profit center for mainstream medicine. BE well, everyone.

sharingsunshine said...

We are certainly of like mind since I have not done mammograms either after reading more about them (outside of the information provided by those who profit from them). I had one in the late 70's before being aware of the realities of these so-called preventative tests.

Far too many people file into line on these mandates by the medical world and it seems very odd to me since their success rate on disease has been awful. In any other industry, they would not have a following with the result statistics they achieve.

The World Health Organization's ranking of the world's health systems places the United States at #37. Not something to be proud of with the money spent. See the ranking report here:

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