Monday, January 19, 2009

Life Isn't That Serious

by Donna L. Watkins

Health challenges have taught me so much about living life better. We all need to take ourselves less seriously. Circumstances need not control whether we have a good or bad day.

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One of my new attributes is that I'm sloppy since I can't hold onto things well and pouring is not a good time. In the past, I might have three different recipes going, but the kitchen would look neat as a pin. For years, my inabilities would make me angry and create a lot of negative self-talk because it also vividly reminded me of the progression of the disease.

With my ADD tendencies, keeping things neat allowed me to be better focused, but I can tell my mind something different about that and gradually overcome it. I spill and splash around and instead of directing words of condemnation, I laugh at myself. Everybody likes being a child now and then, so I just laugh that I'm children-like and God says we're all to be that way, so I figuring I'm getting better at life. There are things that I can no longer do, but I'm focusing on what I CAN do and lightening up on life in the process.

"Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused."

It makes me more humble and gives me more mercy about the inabilities of human kind in general. That classroom is one that God's been sending me through again and again. We are all inept at so much of what life throws at us. Being able to take it more "Lightly" allows us to shine our Light more brightly.

Count your blessings - focus on what you can do, laugh at what you can't. It will bring healing about so much sooner than whining and complaining. Negative thoughts and words don't heal anything - they only tear down. Keep your focus on what's important and at the top of that list is: Keeping Your Joy."

Our choice is attitude. Keep a blessings list nearby or keep your image of whatever if pure joy to you in your mind. When you want to go down Moaning Road, flash your image. Is it your grandchild? Your pet? A lovely scene of the beach or mountains? A stream taking away all your troubles.

Put yourself in a peaceful moment and smile. Smiling produces hormones that makes you feel better even if you're forcing yourself to do it. Studies have shown that the immune system instantly weakens when you frown and put on a tragic face. When you smile your immune system and your entire body perks up.

Turns out that there are various pressure points in your face that affect your entire system when you flex certain facial muscles. That should make you want to smile every chance you get. Smiling will make you more attractive as you age also, so get used to wearing a smile all day, every day. You'll be amazed at how many people will smile back and give you unexpected good energy.

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