Friday, January 30, 2009

Gluten-Free Menus

From the blog at Delicious Living

Another great gluten-free tool is GFree, an online gluten-free menu planning service, from the creators of Relish.

These smart people teamed up with longtime GF expert Carol Fenster to provide menus, easy recipes, and even budget-conscious shopping lists (with predetermined gluten-free brands; no more studying the teeny print on every label) to take the guesswork and monotony out of making GF home-cooked meals.

For those of us who find meal planning tricky even without going GF, this is a hassle-free godsend — and a steal at only $10 a month for the subscription, for which you get five already-tested dinner recipes (from a choice of ten), plus access to recipes for baked goods, desserts, side dishes, and more. Visit G Free Cuisine.

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