Thursday, January 29, 2009

Adapt and Adjust

by Donna L. Watkins

A well known Bible teacher says, "We can only walk in peace if we're willing to be adaptable and adjust to people and circumstances." You can't keep losing your peace over every little thing that goes wrong in life.

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Some people have so much cortisol flowing in their body that they can't slow down. They're in explode mode throughout every day. Caffeine pumps them up and they sleep little at night because their body's clock is altered by it. Maybe it's not caffeine ... maybe it's just a learned personality that's based on a poor self esteem. Regardless, the little things in life cause them great anguish.

There's a phrase, "go with the flow," but for some that flow is like Niagra Falls. It goes over the edge with great force and sinks to great depths. Stressful lifestyles can be changed. They truly are a matter of choice even when it seems we have none. I used to be in hyper-gear all day long and though to sleep as something to avoid for as long as possible. No wonder my body reacted and began to show the toll of my choices by the time I was 40.

It didn't seem so at the time, but I was always moving to prove something to myself. What it was had many options and I've addressed all of them, but the makeover was only by choice. There's no reason to live in the fast lane. God surely doesn't ask us to. Jesus had an amazing mission and only a few years to accomplish it, but He never hurried.

Each day we have to take back ground that the enemy has stolen from us. We have to close our mind to the lies that we need to be more, do more, have more .... in the end we have so much less. We lose our health and many times we lose the ones we loved the most. Stuff is never favored over love and time to enjoy.

Our self-worth is in God. Ephesians 3:14-21 paints the picture. It tells me that I will be strengthened in mind, emotions and will. It tells me that my Father will do exceedingly and abundantly above all I could ask or think, because He's working in me and that my self-worth will be based only on His love for me.

Do I believe that? Can God manage to accomplish things when you back off from tasks that you think only you can accomplish? Mentally we would say, Yes, since God can do anything He wants. But inwardly, in our heart, we don't believe He will, and certainly not in our timetable. Can we find our sufficiency some place else other than in being Superwoman or Superman?

Keep in mind, any time you try to make YOUR mark, you'll attract erasers. Why not let God lead? Slow down, list your real heart-desired priorities and work them. You can redesign your life and God will help you do it!

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