Friday, January 2, 2009

What God Has For You

by Donna L. Watkins

We are planting in every word and action we take. Seeds of faith or seeds of failure. What have you been planting and watering?

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Is it just impatience? You feel you've planted good seed and don't see the harvest from it? Seeds take time to germinate and some of the things God has planted into your life have not come into fruit yet. All in season.

Don't give up and walk away! So many have abandoned God because He didn't do things on their time schedule. They left the planted and cultivated field before the sprouting and are now missing out on what they could've had with a bit more patience and faith. A bit more of allowing God's timing to be okay with our own mind's view of it all. It's called trust.

God has some things planted in you that you've not seen yet. You're becoming the fruit that He desires you to be and what your own heart and soul want to become, but it takes time. God believes in you even when you don't believe in yourself. He's still there ready to water and prune until it's time for the harvest. Will you allow Him to work on His schedule and not yours?

You have to have faith and patience or you will miss out on what God has. Looking in the mirror and proclaim, "There's something in me that isn't seen yet. God, help me to trust You."

God has a place and purpose in life for you. Trust Him, walk with Him daily and meditate on His Word. Your faith will bring it to pass. Fear will not.

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