Monday, January 12, 2009

Making Better Decisions

by Donna L. Watkins

Are you making the same mistakes over and over again? Does your life seem to attract trouble? What kind of internal communication do you have with yourself all day long? Do you rehearse the troubles and proclaim them to others also?

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Thinking logically, do you think this is wise? Is it the environment where your health and spirit can grow and be strengthened?

If you continually sow and paint a picture of trouble, tragedy and trials .... do you think that may attract more trouble, tragedy and trials?

It's said we will find what we're looking for. And that "What you are in the present, was determined by the decisions you made in the past. If you want to change your future, learn to make better decisions."

Don't let your expectations exceed the possibilities of where you are right now. Often when we choose to take a course out of our own misery, we set up such a program that we are sure to fail. It dumps us right back where we were. Allow yourself 10% risk of being wrong, 50% likelihood of betrayal, and a 100% commitment to trust God. Then you will be able to go forward and survive anything!

You've been gifted with many abilities and talents. Focus on them. The best way to crawl out of despair is to succeed in things. The best way to succeed is to walk in the realm of what we do best. It comes so naturally that we don't even value it ... but others will ... and their value will be directed towards you, and that will allow you to see how needed you are. Focusing on the needs of others is the quickest way to get our focus off of our own problems.

Time if your most limited and valuable resource. Don't waste it rehearsing the Enemy's workings in your life. Keep your mind in the Word. Do not miss a morning quiet time and before you go to bed pray and meditate on Scripture. Take time to listen and get instruction from our Father. As you unclutter your mind of idol brain chatter, you will find yourself becoming more in tune with the still small voice of His Spirit within us.

God designed a plan for our lives. That includes YOU! Get still before Him daily and He will reveal it to you step by step. Not in one big huge picture of your entire future, but in steps, so you can focus on today's step and not worry about tomorrow. Decide to follow Him and leave that negative brain chatter in the gutter.

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