Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stop Junk Mail - Value Your Time

From Stop Junk Mail website:

"After returning from vacation I pushed through the post office doors. Stood in line patiently. Once at the counter I requested my mail which was held till my return. The customer service rep. left and soon returned with a box two thirds full of mail. I stood there in shock, looking down at the volume of mail I had received in five days. I acknowledge the fact that its become extremely annoying daily to separate the unwanted mail, but never put any serious thought into it till now.

I went home, and after 45 minutes of sorting the mail, I determined 95 percent was junk mail. My time is valuable, and looking at the time I spend annually sorting out the junk mail, I decided to research and determine a way to eliminate the junk mail madness. Telemarketers have been reduced by the no call list. There had to be a way. I have completed research and along with my staff have developed the necessary tools to accomplish the task.

Its time to put an end to this ridiculous amount of waste of material and resources. Stop Junk Mail will assist you with the reduction of your unwanted junk mail.

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