Thursday, January 8, 2009

Make A Difference For Pets

What an inspiring story of a gal who took a bit of time from her life to help a shelter dog that would be euthanized because there were no funds for an operation.

In less than 5 hours with suggestions from a website, this person was able to raise the money for the operation and make this dog adoptable.

Read the entire article but don't stop there. Make a difference for a pet in your area. Get involved at a shelter. If you can't handle the emotional tug of war seeing the pets that have not been adopted, then volunteer time in the office, or see if you can raise a few funds for the shelter at work. One child that is involved at the shelter we volunteer at decided rather than gifts for her birthday party, she wanted people to bring food and toys for the shelter. What a grand birthday party that was!

Don't you have enough stuff that maybe you could throw your own party and gather some goods for others less fortunate. Maybe it's a pet owner that's struggled right on your street or in your neighborhood. You can help them to not have to part with their animals in these rougher economic times. Give it some thought and spend a few hours doing something that will make you and many others smile.

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