Sunday, January 11, 2009

Go Green For Babies' Health

Many women discover the green lifestyle when they are expecting, or become moms. Wanting to do the best you can for your child includes considerations that you make before your baby is even born. Everyone knows that eating right and getting enough rest will help both mother and baby be healthy, but the green movement has opened our eyes to the effects that the world around us can have as well.

Back in 2005, a frightening study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found chemicals in the blood of the umbilical cords from 10 newborn babies. These chemicals were linked to cancer, birth defects, and hormone disruptions, and included lead, mercury and PCBs. Since then, moms-to-be have demanded more information about reducing the impact of the chemical soup that we all live in. Read the entire article.

Our favorite product, to transform the house from toxic to non-toxic fast, is Sunshine Concentrate. I've used it for 20 years now. It's wonderful for laundry. My husband used to get rashes from the chemical detergents because when you sweat those chemicals are absorbed into the body.

Sunshine Concentrate has so many uses. We use Sunshine Concentrate for our yard and garden also, so we stock up on it. Makes for a great gift to a neighbor. With chemicals being linked to so many diseases, it's a great feeling to share this product with our friends and family.

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